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Sophie's Choice: Painter Kiki Art

Sophie’s Choice: Painter Kiki Art

Sophie’s choice is a series of portraits of young artists I want you to meet and keep an eye on. Why? Because they are inspiring, talented and doing what they like to do most. They are people with a passion for their art, on their way to becoming the greatest artists of today and tomorrow. The new generation is here! Next up is Kiki Weerts. (..more)

Sophie's Choice: collage artist Charly Roussel

Sophie’s Choice: collage artist Charly Roussel

Let me introduce you to Charly Roussel, who’s only 28 years old but has already lived a full and inspiring life. Charly was born in Paris, but he grew up in Austria in a commune founded by Austrian artist Otto Muehl, who was known for participating in the ‘Aktion’ movement, which was a bizarre and controversial modern art movement that stood for anti-aestheticism and anti-consumerism. After that, Charly lived in Portugal for 7 years before coming to Amsterdam, where he has been living for the past 4 years studying jazz music. (..more)

Sophie’s Choice: painter Onno Lolkema

Sophie’s Choice: painter Onno Lolkema

Onno Lolkema is one of those artists whose style you immediately recognize when you see his work. His paintings are colourful and outspoken, and there’s an interesting contrast between technical drawing and a more comic-like way of painting. Onno gets his ideas from everyday life, the daily media and his own brain. This is probably why his paintings are all a bit absurdist. (..more)

Sophie's Choice: fashion designer Kirsten Popkema

Sophie’s Choice: fashion designer Kirsten Popkema

Kirsten Popkema is a young woman from Amsterdam, and she is ready to take on the fashion world and become a great fashion designer. What I think makes her stand out are her crazy sources of inspiration, and the way she makes them fashionable. Her work starts at a concept, a very abstract idea, that she then turns into wearable and desirable clothes. For example, have a look at her hairy underwear collection, called ‘Je veux ces cheveux‘ (I want that hair): sexy, beautiful underwear made with hair, inspired by -who else- Bob Ross and his intriguing hairdo. (..more)