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Cinema Curioso, the disgusting vaults of pulp cinema

Cinema Curioso, the disgusting vaults of pulp cinema

Aug 23, 2012 |  by  |  Event

Cinema Curioso is the excursion through the strange and disgusting vaults of pulp cinema showing the hilarious blunders of cinematic history. Prepare for embarrassing characters by green-as-grass Johnny Depp, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sandra Bullock, sweaty muscle men with moustaches and mullets and horrible voice-overs. Ready to laugh your asses off and feel substituted embarrassment? This evening will offer you two full hours of hilarious, disgusting, cringe-worthy video fragments provided with live criticism. (..more)

Catch the artistic flu at PUP's Frai Flu

Catch the artistic flu at PUP’s Frai Flu

Jan 2, 2012 |  by  |  Art, Event, Fashion, Music

Want to meet other young creatives and refresh your inspiration and energy levels? Then you must join us at PUP Amsterdam‘s Frai Flu on January 8th. This Sunday evening will bring us live music, creative foodies, a small market filled with affordable labels and photo exhibitions. All of this done by young talents. This is also a bit of self-promotion on my behalf since I will be exhibiting some of my street photos during this event which I of course think are very interesting and worthwhile to take a look at! (..more)

The Alices of Midnight Wonderland

The Alices of Midnight Wonderland

Nov 23, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Photos

Did you attend Midnight Wonderland last Saturday? If you did, I bet you were blown away by the music, the location, the mysterious atmosphere and of course the mysterious Alices of Midnight Wonderland wandering around! We tried to capture the mystery in a set of photos of all the Midnight Wonderland characters. Take a peek below! (..more)

Discover your inner geek at this year's Discovery Festival

Discover your inner geek at this year’s Discovery Festival

Sep 22, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Music

I LOVE science! As a kid I grew up with technical toys, I grew my own crystals and mixed chemical potions in the kitchen. So every time I visited NEMO I couldn't be happier! A few years ago I revisited NEMO, but felt a little out of place. Probably because the average age of the visitors was about 20 years below my age. Luckily, NEMO has found a solution for uber-geeks like myself and is organizing the sixth edition of the Discovery Festival. This night festival combines science, art and music in NEMO's awesome surroundings. (..more)

A true taste bud experience at Taste of Amsterdam

A true taste bud experience at Taste of Amsterdam

Sep 19, 2011 |  by  |  Event

An entire festival about food? Yes, that's Taste of Amsterdam! My mouth started watering just by reading the programme. Because this event encompasses a lot: a small foodie market showing off the food hypes of the moment; a cooking theatre where well-known cooks present their signature dishes; culinary workshops to (..more)

Jungle Fever at AIR in 12 pictures

Jungle Fever at AIR in 12 pictures

May 23, 2011 |  by  |  Event, Photos

You didn't attend last Friday's club event in AIR which co-hosted? Well, then you definitely missed out! The jungle fever was ON during the entire night: zebras running wild, voodoo dolls watching over everyone, tribal face painting and not to forget, awesome DJs such as Edu Imbernon and Agoria to dance the jungle fever away. To give you a small overview of the night's atmosphere, check out the pictures below. (..more)

An Affordable Street Art Revolution at 'Prints & the Revolution'

An Affordable Street Art Revolution at ‘Prints & the Revolution’

May 16, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event

Occasionally when I visit an exhibition I find a piece of art that just calls out to me: "buy me, buy me". However, once I take a peek at the price tag this urge quickly fades away as my jaw drops to the floor. I then just shrug my shoulders and tell myself that someday, probably in the very far future, I will be able to buy a piece of art to brighten up my living room. That's why I was positively surprised when I visited the 'Prints & the Revolution' exhibition displaying incredibly affordable street art, pop art, graffiti art and other contemporary art. (..more)

Film lovers, pay attention to de Balie's new film night 'Cinema Egzotik'

Film lovers, pay attention to de Balie’s new film night ‘Cinema Egzotik’

May 10, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event

I'm not an expert on films which occasionally causes me to get extremely confused when I have to choose one out of so many. Director Martin Koolhoven (Schnitzelparadijs, Oorlogswinter a.o.) and 'expert' Ronald Simons (, collection specialist at EYE film) have simplified this for me by organizing a monthly programme in the Balie called "Cinema Egzotik". During these nights, Martin Koolhoven and Ronald Simons alternately choose two of their favourite movies which are then projected off 35mm films. (..more)

Nuit Blanche Soiree - crunch those brains

Nuit Blanche Soiree – crunch those brains

Apr 20, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event

Everyone probably has a certain view on the future of Amsterdam; will we be ‘driving’ flying cars, have telephones built into our heads or will it be similar to today’s Amsterdam? No one knows… And that’s exactly why Nuit Blanche is interested in your dreams for the future of our city. Everyone is more than welcome to attend the Nuit Blanche Soiree, an evening to brainstorm, network, help each other and hopefully walk away with a clear future image of Amsterdam. (..more)

Ryan McGinley and the joy of losing yourself in the moment..

Ryan McGinley and the joy of losing yourself in the moment..

Apr 11, 2011 |  by  |  Art, Event

I sometimes stumble upon a photographer whose work immediately gives me a positive case of the jitters. This time it was Ryan McGinley whose photos made me float into surreal worlds, where time seems insignificant and losing yourself is all that matters. (..more)