Overdose Android Application

Overdose.am Android application

Everyone I know with a phone running iOS suffers from high blood pressure and a chronically cracked screen. Everyone I know with a phone running Android suffers from unhealthy amounts of anxiety and a chronic thirst for cheap energy drink. Everyone who doesn’t know what the hell I’m on about can be considered healthy and mentally stable.

We don’t necessarily have a thing for the mentally stable, so we decided to cater to our Red Bull sponsoring readers; we have an official Overdose.am Android application. With an amazingly stunning array of functions equipping the full power of Google’s brand new App Inventor system, it was built during a two-night lapse of reason fueled by coffee, beer, cigarettes, angry girlfriends, an intermittent 3G network, a power outage, and last but not least a premium Spotify account.

Get your phones out and download the app directly by scanning one of the QR-codes below. So yeah, there’s a lot of them. I just like how they look, get over it. Probably needless to say is that you shouldn’t forget to allow the installation of non-Market applications (Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources) Have fun!

qrcode   qrcode   qrcode   qrcode   qrcode

Don’t feel like scanning? Download the app directly from GetJar by clicking here.