About Amsterdam

Overdose.am is an Amsterdam based online magazine that shares and curates the cultural world as we experience it in our own little bubble of reality. Take a look at the world from our point of view.. We will guide you through an overdose of information, inspiration and entertainment.

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If you want to contact Overdose.am, please e-mail us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We always love to share ideas and work together on interesting projects! You can contact us for:

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Don’t hesitate to tell us about your new photography or art exhibition, music project, fashion label, special spot or exciting event!


There are quite a few ways in which your brand can appear on or get endorsed by Overdose.am. We are willing to brainstorm with you about creative and quality solutions. Get in touch!

Our e-mail address: contact @ overdose.am

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Editorial Team

Overdose.am is written by a small team of young observative people.

Behind the scenes: Rob Simon, Ridzert Beetstra, Mark Visbeek

Editor-in-chief: Rob Simon
Design: Mark Visbeek
Proofreading: Mark Visbeek, Jerry Houtman, Rob Simon

Editorial contributions: Anna Nikbakht Nooshin, Rob Simon, Ridzert Beetstra, Mark Visbeek, Sophie Visbeek, Faye Lui, Anouk Kemper, Xaviera Wong A Soy, Fione Teunis, Sabrina Beek, Annelijn Hooij, Ciaran Woods, Robert Overweg, Alexander Tempel, Caroline Goralczyk, Chloë Arkenbout

Photography: Tamar Weenen, Rutger Houweling, Mark Visbeek, Ernesto Bos, Annelijn Hooij, Fione Teunis, Andrea Huls
Video and editing: Ernesto Bos, Ridzert Beetstra and Mark Visbeek

Group photo by Rutger Houweling and Tamar Weenen:

Group photo Overdose.am


Overdose.am has also hosted various real-life events. Read our articles about them below for more information: