Sliding trough pink glasses at Dekmantel 2019

Sliding trough pink glasses at Dekmantel 2019

Aug 9, 2019 |  by  |  Event, Music
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It might come as a surprise that this music lover has never been to Dekmantel Festival before. I’ve been to smaller Dekmantel events as well as their baby Lente Kabinet, but never to the big one at the Amsterdamse Bos. Why not? I was always late for tickets or thought it was somehow too big for me. But size doesn’t really matter when the music is good. So I was hooked on the app they created, this way I could mark all my favorite artists and I even got a reminder, so I wouldn’t miss a thing. Since every stage had good music going on, this was super convenient in times of over-excitement. These artists made my phone buzz!

Donato Dozzy

It has actually been a dream for me to see Donato play for a long time now, missing out on his night at The School last year has always been a big regret. I find his sets quite trippy and very thoughtfully chosen, they feel like a Dutch dropping for me. You go to a spot and need to find the way back, but during this trip you experience different side notes that stop you from focussing. Yeah, this set definitely brought me to the other side of the moon.

Orpheu the Wizard

I can be short about this one. I didn’t shoot any videos because it was too good to whip out my phone. Even though I saw him play a lot, he still surprised me with new music. Like Donato Dozzy, he played at the super cozy and beautiful Selectors stage. Definitely my favorite stage, it was intimate and the beautiful trees where the perfect hangout for the climbers between us.

Ambient Church

I thought I was a somewhat familiar with the church because of Lente Kabinet, but I discovered that this one is a real ambient hot shot. For me this was the perfect hangout to chill or do a little slow dancing. Local hero Rik Payne definitely caught my attention!

King Shiloh

On Sunday I started my dancing day at Red Light Radio with some sizzling, dubby reggae sounds. I think the Red Light Radio resident is the perfect match with the Krackfree Soundsystem, feel the vibration!

Alexander Robotnick

And then something else happened. One of my favorite movies, A Space Odyssey, came across. Alexander used the soundtrack by Richard Strauss in his set, followed by some real electro-disco vibes. This was a moment that many people will never forget. Real goosebumps.


I ended my Dekmantel adventure at the Greenhouse with Taiwanese hero Tzusing. This was just amazing. Lots of heavy machinery, hip-hop and steamy sounds. I think I worked my hamstrings a lot and flew almost onto the stage in the end.

All I can say I had a mind blowing Dekmantel experience, many thanks for this and special thanks for the app. This really made my life easier and helped me discovering lots of new favorite artists. Only love and hopefully till next year!

Photography by Tarona Leonora

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