Get to know thew local dance scene with Anonymous Party People at RADION

Get to know thew local dance scene with Anonymous Party People at RADION

Apr 4, 2019 |  by  |  Event, Music
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With hints of sleaziness, naughty-esque themes and an overall inclusive vibe, there ain’t no parties like the events from Anonymous Party People. Starting outdoor parties, the ambitious international group of party architects will take shelter at RADION and enlists the cream of Amsterdam’s crop April 13th.

A perfect introduction

Over the years, Anonymous Party People honed in the status of bringing a diverse group of people together on dance floors. Ranging from international adventurers to local music lovers and regional ravers, all bonded over the experiences created during the parties. It’s the perfect gathering to introduce people to the local vibrant party scene.

They encourage party people and punters alike to partake in creating the atmosphere they emulate each event through decorations and, of course, the music. For the upcoming event, they went in big and invited Carlos Valdes, Cinnaman and Some Chemistry to bring their signature sounds to RADION. Throw local crew BON A PARTE in the mix and what you get is a perfect blend of what Amsterdam’s nightlife currently is and will become: top-shelf techno and house, an engaging atmosphere for brightly colored experiences and, above all, a party with people who won’t be as anonymous to you by the end of the evening.

Want to join the rave April 13th? Attend the event, share the post on our Facebook page and tag a friend who you’d like to party with. Winners will be announced next week!

Anonymous Party People

When: April 13, 23:00-07:00
Where: RADION, Louwesweg 1
Entrance: €18,- | Here
More info: Website & Facebook event

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