Worth Your Dam Hangover: Thibideau Brothers, R4DION

Worth Your Dam Hangover: Thibideau Brothers, R4DION

Sep 27, 2018 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Being driven by music from a young age made me realize how lucky I am to be situated in Amsterdam and its ever growing scene of artists, events and, of course, music enthusiasts. With a focus on the feel of House, Techno and all in between, sharing my love for music in any way possible acts as a fine expressive outlet.

Too many plans for the weekend? Let me narrow your options down by weekly suggesting the events where you can meet, dance and drink with Amsterdam’s finest crowds. After all, ‘a hangover ain’t worth the pain if the party is lame’. So here’s where you weekend warriors should go to make it worth your damn hangover.

Friday: Thibideau Brothers, Jocelyn & Doris Nicholas @ JACK

This Friday, JACK will have Mark and Matt Thibideau come over from Toronto to present their extraordinary live show. Both of the brothers’ careers in music span the last two decades and have seen them tour around the globe to perform a variety of acts and flavours of electronic music, whether playing solo, together or with a vocalist. Focussing on recent years, the brothers further developed their inimitable approach to dub techno and its affiliated sound of minimal electronics. This has resulted in their slick productions being released on labels like Joule Imprint and Waehlscheibe, confirming their experienced feel for pure and deep grooves. The duo will be backed by Eshu Records’ Jocelyn and one of The Tribe’s frontmen Doris Nicholas who’ll get JACK moving without question.

Saturday & Sunday: R4DION: Radion’s 4th anniversary with Terence Fixmer, Umwelt, Children of Valis and many more @ Radion

As always, Radion goes all out when celebrating their annual birthday party. Their fourth effort will shed light on four different spaces throughout the building, providing room for all sorts of musical endeavours. Spread over the main room, upper room, bar and secret area, multiple familiar collaborators will put their touch on designated spaces resulting in a communal festivity highlighting Radion’s essence.

A one night stand between B-Sides and Second Wave will mostly make the gritty main room tremble with tones of industrial and electro as they’ve invited French maestro’s Umwelt and Terence Fixmer to join their nightlong session. Balancing out the downstairs intensity will be done by the likes of Wendel Sield, Children of Valis and Reiss, treating you on thoughtful selections all the way till Sunday night. As for the secret area, there’s not much to be said, of course. Check out the attached table for some more insights. Happy birthday Radion!

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