Worth Your Dam Hangover: Claire, Motion

Worth Your Dam Hangover: Claire, Motion

Aug 16, 2018 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Being driven by music from a young age made me realize how lucky I am to be situated in Amsterdam and its ever growing scene of artists, events and, of course, music enthusiasts. With a focus on the feel of House, Techno and all in between, sharing my love for music in any way possible acts as a fine expressive outlet.

Too many plans for the weekend? Let me narrow your options down by weekly suggesting the events where you can meet, dance and drink with Amsterdam’s finest crowds. After all, ‘a hangover ain’t worth the pain if the party is lame’. So here’s where you weekend warriors should go to make it worth your damn hangover.

Friday: Baba Stiltz, Cinema Royale, Egbert-Jan Weeber and more @ Claire

Claire has invited a noteworthy bunch of selectors to play both of her rooms on Friday. Topping the bill is Studio Barnhus regular and Stockholm-based Baba Stiltz, who’s debuting the club. As you can preview in his unique RA Podcast, Baba’s sound is far from bound to genre but always focussed on conveying a certain swing. When playing out it seems to be the eccentric persona’s quest to get crowds going as a result of both his selections and his presence. Something he’ll surely pull off at Claire as well. Suitable company for the second room will come from Awanto 3 and DJ Windows XP, who’ll both increase the diversity of the night’s soundtrack even more. Claire’s first room will be of no less significance as Cinema Royale and Egbert-Jan Weeber are teaming up once again. Expect a frenzy of vinyl gems ranging from italo to synth pop and everything in between.

Saturday: Motion with DJ Masda, TC80, Pieter Jansen and Daan Donk @ Sugar Factory

On Saturday, the concept of Motion will continue as Daan Donk has carefully curated another edition featuring some very interesting artists. First off is DJ Masda, the Japanese co-founder of Cabaret Recordings who’s been residing at the crossroads of the Japanese and European scene for two decades now. Having mastered the craft of mixing slabs of vinyl and being host of dozens of Tokyo parties made Masda one of Japan’s leading figures and opened paths for global gigs as well. After his School session with DJ Dustin last December, now is the time to experience a solo set of Masda’s. Cabaret affiliated TC80 has been brought in as well to support Masda’s sound and bring forth his signature feel of analogue productions. Lastly, a strong local squad consisting of Daan Donk and Pieter Jansen concludes the musical vision of the night.

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