Metal night at the Melkweg in 12 photos

Metal night at the Melkweg in 12 photos

Jun 16, 2018 |  by  |  Music, Photos
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This is a contribution by photographer Anieck van Maaren. Passionate about live music and travel, she’s been known to tour all over Europe to see her favourite bands perform, combining her passions in the process.

Last Tuesday was metal night at the Melkweg. With a line-up consisting of Ded, Crossfaith, Asking Alexandria, and Bullet For My Valentine, the audience was in for a treat. Ded, a nu metal band from the US, opened up the moshpit right away and kept it open for the rest of the night. Their incredible energy, brought on by a mix of heavy metal and hip-hop, could be felt from the first song and didn’t subside. This energy flowed right on into Crossfaith’s performance. This Japanese metal band scored with both original songs and covers, receiving serious feedback from the audience.

Up next were Asking Alexandria, who brought along a dedicated following. They proved that they and their fans are still going strong after 12 years, before making way for headliner Bullet For My Valentine. The audience erupted into a chant of “Bullet, Bullet, Bullet!” before the heavy metal titans finally took the stage. With a new album on the way for July, they effortlessly switched between new tunes and old classics, and no song went unsung by the audience. With promising belters such as Over It and Letting You Go, we can only look forward to what the rest of the album will bring us.

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