Drinking beer For Mankind with 7 Billion Presidents

Drinking beer For Mankind with 7 Billion Presidents

Jun 4, 2018 |  by  |  Food, Lifestyle
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Have you ever thought about making the world a better place? Sure you have. But where to start when you’re not an NGO, a government body or Bono? Well, what about having a beer? That’s right, you can actually make the world a (little) better simply by drinking beer! For Mankind is the first product of 7 Billion Presidents, and thus the flagship of Romantic Capitalism.

7 Billion Presidents is a people’s movement that builds a happier, healthier and more peaceful society. Starting with Amsterdam.

There you have it. 7 Billion Presidents aims to become a movement of social entrepreneurship that tackles some of the biggest global issues, like pollution, inequality and poverty all at once. Nothing wrong with ambition and idealism, especially when such an initiative originated in Amsterdam! Romantic Capitalism (RC), it sounds dreamy and utopian while at the same time not that hard to imagine at all. We had a chat (and beer, of course) with founder David Theuvenet.

Can you explain the concept of RC in a nutshell, and give some insight in how it all started?
“As consumers we generate billions of profit every day. But why don’t we use this profit to benefit ourselves? A romantic capitalistic company spends its profit to build clean energy plants, create more jobs and a better work-life balance. If machines can take over half our jobs before 2030, why don’t we build a society where a three-day workweek is the status quo by then?”


Sounds good! Where is the movement at the moment, is the concept gaining any traction?
“The first batch was brewed in partnership with Bruut last summer, and by now the first places where one can drink For Mankind have joined. We’re building a network and are getting more and more enthusiastic responses. I’m more than grateful with all the lovely people stepping up to help. Which is great because I have a strong believe in the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ and if we can make it to the point that we can show there is an alternative for the current capitalistic system, a growing group of people that are building a happier, healthier and more peaceful society the possibilities are endless.

How can people support the cause?
“By spreading the word, thinking along on how to improve the existing RC companies and by building RC companies themselves. But first and foremost, by drinking beer! The idea is that the places that sell For Mankind make more money as their guests feel part of something bigger by drinking it, and enjoy being part of this growing community that’s building a healthier, happier Amsterdam. We hope they like it, come back more often and spread the word.”

For Mankind is currently available at Café Dapper, Razmataz, Wijncafé Worst, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Mossel & Gin and hamburger joint Geflipt, but soon more places will be added to the list. Follow their Facebook and Instagram pages to stay updated! And this one is for all you Untappd users. Cheers!

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