Ride against the current with Margie at Lente Kabinet

Ride against the current with Margie at Lente Kabinet

May 21, 2018 |  by  |  Event, Music
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It is only a matter of weeks till we return to our favorite festival: Lente Kabinet. Hopefully the weather will be good (though less hot than last year) and we will experience some great musical adventures. As I’m always looking for new names to follow, I wanted to talk with someone who I feel goes against the current, so I had a lovely chat with Margie.

We sat down with some beers at Oedipus Brewery in North, where I learned more about her love for the music and her quite unusual approach to it. I got a bit lost during the conversation multiple times, for instance when she illustrated her ideas with examples I had never heard of. She really knows her music, or I don’t? And did you know she threw parties a long time ago? Cool right?

I like to play whatever I think is great.

The name Margie didn’t sound familiar to me at first, but when I started researching I realised this is the girl who played reggae at Strange Sounds from Beyond last year! I mean, how cool are you to play reggae? Well, I like it, it’s refreshing. And then I discovered that her other mixes don’t include reggae at all.

So that made me curious, what ís the sound of Margie? She has a passion for all sorts of music, going from disco, reggae to techno and soul, and as I quote Margie herself: “I like to play whatever I think is great.”

Do you believe in a certain approach when it comes to DJing?
“I think that there’s no right or wrong… I don’t really believe in a common approach, at least it doesn’t work for me. It’s usual that DJs play unheard stuff, so they can create their own dancefloor-hits et cetera. This still happens, I think the type is called selector DJ these days. What I find most interesting about DJing personally, is to play with the idea of how you can change the experience of a track by contextualizing it with other music in a set of tracks. I mean, I like all types of music so it’s fun to see how you can put it all together in a way that it makes sense! A lot of Amsterdam-based DJs have that approach too, like the renowned Hunee and Antal, who play at the festival as well.”

Do you prefer a morning, afternoon or evening jam?
“It would be fun if more events would take place during the day. Not in an after party manner, but something that starts in the afternoon and ends around midnight for instance.”

Which artists should get more attention, or get booked five thousand times a year?
“I definitely wouldn’t mind to hear fabled music heads Calypso Steve and Roel de Boer more often, and I also think Loud E should be added to a couple more line-ups.”

A good experience depends on how things like sound, location, crowd and purpose come together.

Who is the best DJ/producer at the moment?
“No one in particular… on top of my head I admire Marcellus Pittman, Jon K, Tako, Calypso Steve, Antal, Josey Rebelle, J Rocc though. Maybe the best DJ is a personification of these DJs combined? What would that be like, haha.”

When I listen to music I make little scenes in my head, little stories. What do you visualize when you play?
“I’m afraid I don’t visualize that much…. I do appreciate it when others nail multimedia performances or come up with a good visual concept for a music event or something similar.”

What’s your favorite place to play music?
“No favorite place, sorry.! I like intimate settings, to experience good music with friends. There’s a smaller club in Noord called Garage Noord, with a great programming. No clubs organize parties for less than 100 people, but these are great. However, Larry Heard on Dekmantel Festival’s main stage was also magical. I think a good experience depends on how things like sound, location, crowd and purpose come together.”

Ready for some musical adventures? Join Margie and her set at Lente Kabinet and dance, and maybe bring a notebook to write down all the cool tracks you’ll discover…

Lente Kabinet 2018

When: May 26, 12:00-23:59
Where: Recreatiegebied Het Twiske
Tickets: €42,50,- | Here
More info: Website & Facebook event

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