Smoke Screens: Gabriel King Pedersen

Smoke Screens: Gabriel King Pedersen

Mar 14, 2018 |  by  |  Lifestyle, Photos
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Photographer Maria Cavali is living her dream now, feeling blessed to be able to keep the balance between inspiring personal projects and developing her own portrait & product photography studio.

As of 2016 there are about 160 coffeeshops left; less than half compared to 20 years ago. Reason enough for an inside look into the Dam’s coffeeshop culture. In this series we have a look at the people behind the smoke screen, to explore what drives and motivates them. We had them answer the same three questions.

What does cannabis culture means for you?

“Cannabis culture mostly means fun, and meeting new people. But most importantly, cannabis is my medicine: not a day goes by without it. My favorite coffeeshop to buy some good weed is Boerejongens, but I really don’t have a favorite place to hang out. I get my Cali weed and Moonrocks from Babylon, which was my favorite place to take a break from work, and I generally like to kick back afterwards.”

Respect is free, and the younger guy makes the joints…

What is your Overdose?

“I believe I can’t overdose; if u are gonna do something, go all in. That’s my philosophy. I’ve been through a rough patch so I know all about it, but my move to Amsterdam sort of calmed me down. Talking about philosophy: do to others what you want them to do to you, that’s one of the basics. Respect is free, and the younger guy makes the joints… Puff puff, fucking pass it.”

Describe yourself in one sentence?

“I live my life following a few rules!”

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