5 places in the Dam to know with cryptocurrency

5 places in the Dam to know with cryptocurrency

Mar 5, 2018 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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It has become somewhat trendy to use bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. While these currencies’ value can be dubious, they do effectively standardize finances across borders. That is to say, by investing in some cryptocurrency, you can avoid the need to do much in the way of ordinary currency exchange (which can certainly be a pain).

This trick isn’t helpful in too many places. As it so happens however, Amsterdam is quite friendly to cryptocurrency users, with a number of prominent establishments that accept it as real money. We’ll cover some of the basics of using cryptocurrency and then highlight five places around town to spend it.

Bitcoin and more

The first step for anyone looking into this idea is to figure out which cryptocurrency actually makes the most sense. Bitcoin is the biggest name, but you can see a larger list here, but ethereum, litecoin, and bitcoin cash are probably the easiest ones to use as cash aside from the original, though even these aren’t accepted quite as widely as bitcoin.

Next you have to know how to store and use your cryptocurrency with what’s commonly being referred to as a digital wallet. This explanation, aimed at gamers spending cryptocurrency online, might have put the process in the clearest terms, explaining that you can get multiple kinds of wallets that store credentials for your cryptocurrency, called your private keys. To spend cryptocurrency in person, you’ll simply input a transaction and use the private keys (and your own passwords and such) to sign off on it. It’s not as convenient as regular currency just yet, but it’s not so complicated either.

Getting around with cryptocurrency

That more or less covers the basics, so let’s look at some of the establishments that make Amsterdam particularly friendly to this sort of thing. Most of them make note of accepting bitcoin but may or may not take alternatives.

Cocomama Hostel
Hostels aren’t always appealing, but Cocomama is actually considered to be a great place to stay while exploring the city. The hostel accepts bitcoin payments and offers comfortable accommodations and a great location (in addition to free internet, and a full kitchen).


Amsterdam Boat Events
Boasting a theme of ‘modern meets tradition‘, the Amsterdam boat events are a great way to tour the city from the vantage point of its famous canals. Using former freight ships and knowledgeable guides, they help you to feel like you’re on a real ship even as you tour one of Europe’s great cities. And the tours accept bitcoin.

This is a famous cycling city, and many visitors enjoy the chance to rent bikes to use during their time in town. StarBike Rentals is one of the big companies in this regard, and now accepts bitcoin for rentals.

Café Kobalt
Perhaps the most famous of Amsterdam’s well-known cafés to accept bitcoin, Café Kobalt is a pretty corner establishment near the Singel canal. Known for coffee, tapas, lunches, and drinks, it’s a well-rounded place with an excellent atmosphere, and should be on anyone’s travel list – cryptocurrency or not.

Tibet Restaurant
The city is also famous for having various cafés and restaurants with themes and cuisine from all over the world. Tibet, however, isn’t a country you tend to see represented even in cities known for culinary diversity. Here, however, at this cozy, traditional mainstay, you can enjoy authentic Tibetan cuisine – and in exchange for bitcoin if you like.


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