Smoke Screens: Doewanda Bierings

Smoke Screens: Doewanda Bierings

Jan 17, 2018 |  by  |  Lifestyle, Photos
About the author
Photographer Maria Cavali is living her dream now, feeling blessed to be able to keep the balance between inspiring personal projects and developing her own portrait & product photography studio.

As of 2016 there are about 160 coffeeshops left; less than half compared to 20 years ago. Reason enough for an inside look into the Dam’s coffeeshop culture. In this series we have a look at the people behind the smoke screen, to explore what drives and motivates them. We had them answer the same three questions.

What does cannabis culture means for you?

“It’s the truth to me. I used to be a girl blinded by lies people told me, evil fairy tales as I call them. They kept on saying ‘stay away from that green stuff, it’s bad, you’ll end up becoming a junky’. I was naive and believed them.”

I like to go to New Amsterdam, Loft, Boerejongens, De Overkant, Siberië or Hunters, but I don’t really have a favorite coffeeshop.

What is your Overdose?

“My overdose are the pain pills the doctors try to give me. I suffer from pain in my body, due to Multiple Sclerosis and have tried almost all of them, but with no success. So I’d rather sick to cannabis, as it’s a natural painkiller and symptoms of weed are much more tolerable than those of pharmaceuticals. As weed is still not officially legal, my insurance doesn’t cover my needs. So you’re forced into illegal practices, or as we call it ‘het gedoogbeleid’.”

Describe yourself in one sentence?

“I’m a late bloomer, when it comes to this beautiful flower. But I’m finally there.”

Doe Wanda Bierings - maria cavali

Photos were taken at New Amsterdam.

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