Treasure Hunt: Celebrating New Year's Eve

Treasure Hunt: Celebrating New Year’s Eve

Dec 29, 2017 |  by  |  Event
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I'm Marlies from Schatzoekers Amsterdam - always looking for new adventures and (hidden) treasures while hopping through Amsterdam like it’s my own personal playground! I like to be surprised by experiences and things that are innovative and original.

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It’s the time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve already! It’s a bit of a cliché but around this time I always like to stop and think about what I have achieved last year and what I want next year to be like. But then, then it’s time to celebrate! To celebrate life and that yet another year has passed.

Some people hate NYE because it’s filled with unreal expectations. Indeed, if you think it’s going to be the best night of the year, you can get a bit disappointed. So, to help you out I have selected three great parties. All you have to do is get all your friends at one place, don’t think about the money you’re going to spend that one night and whatever you do, DON’T think it’s going to be the best night of your life. Just consider it an excuse to party on a Sunday. And then you’re golden!

Oud en Nieuw | Kom Gewoon

NYE remains a difficult evening, tickets for parties are way to expensive, expectations to high and it’s nearly impossible to get all your friends at the same place. Before you know it, you have a shitty night because you paid €50,- for a party that disappoints and you find yourself standing between hundreds of people who also aren’t having the night they hoped for.

Oud en Nieuw | Kom Gewoon (‘New Year’s Eve | Just Come’) at Pllek fixes all of that. A ticket costs only €5,-?! There’s no pre-sale, so just show up in time. Nice and easy! The dinner party is already full, so you are welcome from 21:00 for drinks at the bar or outside at the campfire. I heard something about hot chocolate with rum… At 10pm they push all tables & chairs aside and the dancing can begin!

Het Grote Boevenbal NYE 2017

Roest ends the year with Het grote boevenbal which means something like the big bandits ball. I quote: ‘For all party people who like to colour outside the lines. The rebels who dare to go against the current, the boldest children in the class, the black sheep of the family.’ This should be am interesting night…

From 18:00 you are welcome for an ongoing gallows, La Grande Boeuf style! Expect delicious lavish dishes from the chefs of Roest. What would you like to eat as a last supper? After dinner you can enjoy badass music and at midnight you can of course enjoy beautiful fireworks. So put on your crook suit and enjoy the night!

Kriss Kross NYE

O yeah, Kriss Kross organizes a NYE party?! You might already know Kriss Kross from their great events, hits, cosy atmosphere and generally a slightly older audience (as in, over 18 years). This year they organize a blast of a party with the theme Great Gatsby. So pull that beautiful suit, ’20s dress or something with lace and velvet out of your closet for your red carpet moment at the Kriss Kross NYE ​​party at Warehouse Elementenstraat!

Have fun treasure hunters!

Feature image by ANP / Koen van Weel.

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