Smoke Screens: Soma

Smoke Screens: Soma

Oct 27, 2017 |  by  |  Lifestyle, Photos
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Photographer Maria Cavali is living her dream now, feeling blessed to be able to keep the balance between inspiring personal projects and developing her own portrait & product photography studio.

As of 2016 there are about 160 coffeeshops left; less than half compared to 20 years ago. Reason enough for an inside look into the Dam’s coffeeshop culture. In this series we have a look at the people behind the smoke screen, to explore what drives and motivates them. We had them answer the same three questions.

Meet Marc S. Rossman, better known as Soma throughout the world. He’s the man behind Soma Seeds, based in Amsterdam.

There has never been anyone who has ever died from cannabis use.

What does cannabis culture means for you?

“Cannabis culture is a way of life that sometimes remains buried in our genes, remaining dormant. When cannabis meets a being who is able to tap into the many blessings it has to offer besides making brain cells grow, it truly blossoms and affects the rest of humanity as well.”

What is your Overdose?

“Well, if you talk about cannabis and overdosing: the truth is it would take consuming around 1500 pounds of cannabis within 15 minutes, so there has never been anyone who has ever died from cannabis use. Except maybe the police killing them for using it.”

Describe yourself in one sentence?

“I am a presidential bodyguard for this most Sacred of Plants.”

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