Open air movie screenings up high on NEMO's rooftop

Open air movie screenings up high on NEMO’s rooftop

Aug 10, 2017 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Enjoy watching a movie between the walls of an indoor cinema? Not this summer! What’s better than sitting at the highest city square of Amsterdam while enjoying a classic outdoor movie? That’s right, some good music and a party afterwards!

This weekend NEMO will show science fiction movies on their roof counting 120 steps, in collaboration with movie theater Kriterion. Not only can you enjoy (one of the) three movies during this weekend, there’s a lot more to do! During those three evenings the Conservatory of Amsterdam band will kick off at 8pm by playing their tunes, to totally bring you in the mood for the rest of the evening.


On Friday night you can watch Her, a science fiction drama about love in the modern digital world. The day after you can enjoy the classic Back to the Future from the master Steven Spielberg. You follow Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) who travels back in time and accidentally puts his own birth at stake. Last but not least, on Sunday you can watch the movie Moon, where astronaut Sam Rockwell almost ends his three-year solitary stint mining the moon when he experiences a personal crisis.

After the movie you can lose yourself in the stunning view over the centre of the city while having a cold drink and a bite. At that point the party isn’t over yet, because you can dance inside the restaurant of NEMO at the DJ’s tunes until 1am. Oh, and don’t forget your own pillow for an even more relaxed movie night!

NEMO Zomerdak

When: August 11-13, 20:00-01:00
Where: NEMO, Oosterdok 2
Tickets: €9,50 | Here
More info: Website & Facebook event

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