Happiness Unlimited, an exciting trip through your own dreams

Happiness Unlimited, an exciting trip through your own dreams

Jul 17, 2017 |  by  |  Event, Lifestyle
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Theater company Project Wildeman presents Happiness Unlimited at Over The IJ Festival. This is an extraordinary performance, in which the visitors take a trip through an old cable factory and through their own dreams.

In a strange Utopian dream laboratory, Project Wildeman explores where the individual ends and the collective begins. Due to the fact that you are partly blindfolded during the show, the other senses and imagination are constantly stimulated. The journey ends with an exciting concert in which energy, virtuosity and curiosity alternate. Happiness Unlimited successfully premiered in Berlin’s Neuköllner Oper last May.

During Over Het IJ, performances speak out all over North Amsterdam and along the banks of the IJ. Project Wildeman’s playfield is an empty factory of 12.000m2, giving the performance an industrial feel. For fans of old buildings, this is the last opportunity to see the hundred year old warehouse in tact: next year it will be demolished for luxury apartments.

Happiness Unlimited – Project Wildeman

When: July 14–23 July
Where: Former Draka fabric, entrance opposite Aambeeldstraat 4
Tickets: €18,- | Here
More info: Website

Photo by Jochem Jurgens.

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