Become critical with VW Mag at SEXYLAND

Become critical with VW Mag at SEXYLAND

Jul 14, 2017 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Flora and Gabriela are two young creatives who needed a platform to share their visions and thoughts. Through The View Concepts they aim to make people reflexive with inspiring texts and pictures. They’re on the point to have it printed with VW Mag.

You click on the title because you think it’s interesting, but there’s an empty message.

“I think that people start something because they miss something that’s not here yet.” In 2015, Flora and Gabriela were bored to see only superficial content. “You click on the title because you think it’s interesting, but there’s an empty message. We had the desire to read deeper thoughts content.”

Trigger people to think

They led this project together with small events and wanted to create more concepts. As the project grew, so did the team with support from their friends and 11 editors. “What inspires me the most is people having a clear vision about things, but a vision that also changes. We’re allowed to learn from these people we met. That’s also a reason why we want to give them a print platform.” They have all the freedom to share their vision. There are just three things that an article must have: “it must trigger people to think, it must reflect the vision of the writer or artist and it has to connect with the daily life.” The pictures that they choose also need to ask questions.

VW Mag

Consciousness is a good start to make a better world.

The View Concepts shares texts you can identify in. Through literature, columns, stories or interviews, plus dialogue in the upcoming magazine, they make you reflect on your own. “Consciousness is a good start to make a better world.” You don’t have to agree with them because they want you to be critical. “It’s a visionary magazine for the critical minds.” They don’t tell people what to do, “we want to invite everybody to finish the text and say “do I agree with the writer? What would I’ve done?”

Visionary magazine

Are they pessimistic? When I asked, they laughed. “We want to share beautiful ideas and sometimes we’re a bit kicking out society, but we love it and really want to connect people to it.” All they do is a warning. “It’s important to look at the critical side of technological development, because when are aware of what it does, then we can do something about it.”

It’s a portfolio. The concepts that we’ve been built on two years, it’s now printed!

The first edition of VW Mag will be released on July 19. “The main goal is to invite people we met in the last two years and give them something they can scrap.” But it’s also a magazine that they both worked on during six months. “It’s a portfolio. The concepts that we’ve been built on two years, it’s now printed!” Everything will look like the online magazine. They kept the best from their website and asked nice writers, designers, photographers to participate and make it better. “That was really a challenge: how to combine all these different visions into one magazine? In the end, we managed to make one story.” VW Mag is out on July 19 and will question the curious critical minds.

VW Mag launching event

When: July 19, 19:00-22:00
Where: Sociëteit SEXYLAND, Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 39
Entrance: Free
More info: Facebook event

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