Step into Aynouk Tan's internet landscape at the Opium TorenkamerEXPO

Step into Aynouk Tan’s internet landscape at the Opium TorenkamerEXPO

Jul 6, 2017 |  by  |  Art, Event
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I'm Marlies from Schatzoekers Amsterdam - always looking for new adventures and (hidden) treasures while hopping through Amsterdam like it’s my own personal playground! I like to be surprised by experiences and things that are innovative and original.

Few people know that VondelCS welcomes a new artist in one of its towers every week. The artist gets access to the beautiful tower in the Vondelpark, to work on their own special project. Recently they even put in a loft bed, so artists who come from far can spend the night there.

During the Opium TorenkamerEXPO all the artists of last year return with their artwork for one last time. Aynouk Tan (well know in the Amsterdam fashion scene) has been invited to curate this year’s exhibition. She took on the difficult task to form one beautiful exhibition out of the artworks of 55 totally different artists. From paintings, poetry, audio art, sculptures to giant masks; during the exhibition you can see a lot of different art forms.


The theme of the exhibition is multitasking due to the fact that everyone is constantly online. Before we would focus on one newspaper article for five minutes straight. Now we are used to looking at seven different windows a time and dividing our attention on incoming apps, mails, likes and comments. From vertical depth we move towards horizontal fleetingness.

So, a whole new way of experiencing art, with three totally different routes. Visitors can choose which adventurous path they want to take. The various routes that lead the visitor inside and outside VondelCS along the artworks are the Instagram route, the Hackers route and the Offline-route. Do you want to fill up your Instagram account, do you want to learn more or do you want to take your time and be offline for a moment.

Another great aspect of the exhibition is that you can have some fun by climbing different towers. These are built specifically for the exhibition; visitors can view the works of art from a different perspective. Which route will you take?

Opium TorenkamerEXPO

When: July 7-16, 12:00-20:00 (opening at 18:00)
Where: VondelCS, Vondelpark 3
More info: Website & Facebook event

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