Lots of love and great music at Lente Kabinet 2017

Lots of love and great music at Lente Kabinet 2017

Jun 3, 2017 |  by  |  Event, Music, Photos
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It was a happy day in May, the sun was shining and it all started with a sweaty but happy bike ride to Het Twiske, just north of the city ring. There immediately was a connection between the festival visitors, as they all have a big love for music. After some nice coconut water, we dove into Sadar Bahar and smiled at Soichi Terada. Because the line-up was so good it was very hard to catch every sound we wanted to hear but we tried our best.

10 (credits - Desiré van den Berg)

Chilling in little boxes or flying to the moon, everything was possible at Lente Kabinet. No to forget sweating like a pig; maybe you saw the epic movie of Rotterdam based master-mind David Vunk, what a set. Damn.


We ended the day with Mamasita a.k.a. The Black Madonna, what a lady. It all started a bit rough with a canceled flight but that didn’t stop her. She booked a private jet to give us all her love, and she definitely did a good job at that. We love you Marea!

11 (credits - Yannick van de Wijngaert)

All in all a perfect day. Lente Kabinet, see you next year!

Photography by Yannick van de Wijngaert & Desiré van den Berg.

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