Get lost in Space with techno during Reinier Zonneveld’s solo

Get lost in Space with techno during Reinier Zonneveld’s solo

May 26, 2017 |  by  |  Event, Music
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For this now renowned DJ and producer from Rotterdam it all began during the second edition of La Rêve in 2014. Reinier Zonneveld performed his first live set there, besides names such as Worakls. After that success, he was booked by many upcoming Amsterdam-based organizations and made a name on the techno scene up to the moment where was playing at festivals alongside Oliver Koletzki and Carl Cox. Since Oliver Koletzki took him in his Stil Vor Talent label, he performed all around the world. Now he’s back for La Rêve again and will provide us with a six-hour solo set for this Lost In Space edition.

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He traveled from Canada to China, passing by India or Australia, and will be back in Amsterdam at WesterUnie tomorrow to play his own techno tracks, but he’ll extend his own boundaries as well for a three-hour jam session. He never sticks to the same kind of music as his orchestra background can really be felt in his songs, but doesn’t always sound the same. He mixes from ambient to melodic techno or minimal, and includes voices like on his album released in September, or under his own Filth on Acid label on May 15 with Cari Golden.

So he also has his own label under which he released his last EP in March. He valued the skills of Mees Salomé well enough to take him in his label, and Mees will be there to perform at WesterUnie to support Reinier Zonneveld tomorrow.

La Rêve – Lost in Space

When: May 27, 22:00-05:00
Where: WesterUnie, Klönneplein 4-6
Tickets: €17,50 | Here
More info: Facebook event

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