Expat Gone Wild: That Dam housing war

Expat Gone Wild: That Dam housing war

May 12, 2017 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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New name, same concept! Experience this glorious town from an expat point of view. They ride their trashy Dutch bikes like die-hard rickshaw cyclists in India, they know that going Dutch is synonymous for “baby, pay your own bill” and they stalk their naked neighbour in his curtain-less flat just like he is stalking them. Let me share my stories about a foreigner’s life in this glorious town. You’re in La La Land before you know it.

Are you here to stay for years, months, or just a few days? To study or to have fun? Regardless, you’ll need a place to sleep. As an expat, I can testify (like many others) how hard it is to find an accommodation. Since it’s housing crisis in Amsterdam, prices are swelling and no affordable room or flat seem to be available. Luckily, there are solutions, but you’ll have to be brave.

Airbnb & youth hostels

As I was about to go and still had no accommodation, I looked out for Airbnbs just for a week, because it would have been easier to find a room if I was already there. But prices went from €45,- to €145,- per night. It would have been a convenient last resort to stay for a few days, but Airbnb still remains a good way to find a place for the weekend or to plan little holidays.


Youth hostels are the cheapest way to find a temporary solution if you’re coming for holidays or while looking for a flat, with a wide range of prices from €15,- to €220,- per night. On Booking.com, many sales make it affordable, but it’s far from a long-term solution.

Kamernet.nl is widely advised, but you have to pay €30,- and if you are not in a hurry, you can find an accommodation elsewhere, so use it if you really have to. Don’t waste your time with websites such as HousingAnywhere, scams are everywhere there.

Watch out for scams

Luckily, I found a room before I came over, but it has not been without redoubling efforts. Facebook can be of help, sometimes; I joined and checked up each Facebook group all days long, and I received notifications as soon as a person published. See how hard it is to find an accommodation. You always have to be on your phone, ready to send messages.

There are plenty of Facebook groups dedicated to location: Renting single room in Amsterdam, Expat Republic Amsterdam, Student Housing Amsterdam and Kamer Te Huur Amsterdam are just a few examples.

Anyway, there are enough announcements on Facebook to find an accommodation, without being too demanding. But don’t ever pay before you visit! Many scammers are on Facebook too, but you’ll learn to detect them. Needless to say, you’ll have to be patient and seize the moment. Good luck!

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