Treasure Hunt: Innovate with MediaBites

Treasure Hunt: Innovate with MediaBites

May 8, 2017 |  by  |  Event
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I'm Marlies from Schatzoekers Amsterdam - always looking for new adventures and (hidden) treasures while hopping through Amsterdam like it’s my own personal playground! I like to be surprised by experiences and things that are innovative and original.

Treasure Hunt is a collaboration between and Schatzoekers Amsterdam. We’ll tell you all about an event or hotspot you absolutely can not miss this month! More Treasure Hunt here.

Talent, innovation and new technology are the three main ingredients of the MediaBites festival. Next week VondelCS is buzzing! MediaBites really shows Amsterdam’s young creative vibe, by putting young talent on a pedestal. By doing so they too stimulate crossovers and innovation in technology and media.

After a visit to MediaBites, you’re fully up to date of the latest developments in the media. And that’s great because a lot of things are happening right now! What about interactive paint, an energy belt that lets you charge your phone, by using your own belly fat, or clothing just designed for the virtual world?!

During the festival, a lot of really cool people get the floor, to share their experiences and opinions with the audiences. Among them is Joost Lubach, the brain behind the Kamergotchi app, and brother of presenter Arjen Lubach. But also Nienke Plas (known from YouTube), the Sizoo Brothers (three Amsterdam-based brothers known from Instagram), media commissioner Simon Brester (Gemeente Amsterdam) but also Amber Jea (Virtual Fashion designer). Next to attending talk shows, you can also just walk around and try on a virtual dress. Or see a VR movie for the first time or talk to people who are working in the media. They might even give you some career tips. Click here for the full program.

In other words, MediaBites is the festival for curious people, starting creators, media partners and professionals. The event is free but make sure you have a ticket because full = full.

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