Dadara's Solipmission explores and rethinks reality at Burning Man

Dadara’s Solipmission explores and rethinks reality at Burning Man

May 5, 2017 |  by  |  Art
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You might know our local artistic hero Dadara from his Art as Money festival back in 2012, but his current project Solipmisson is something completely different. Nevada’s Black Rock Desert is the site of the annual Burning Man festival, a cultural and spiritual freehaven and Dadara has been a frequent visitor for years. This summer he plans to go there with a group of artists, to be locked up inside a black box for the entire week of the festival.

Reality still has more pixels than the screen of your iPhone. But even if in the future Virtual Reality will have more pixels than Reality itself, will that make Virtual Reality more realistic than Reality?

They’ll create a virtual Burning Man on the inside walls without viewing the outside. They will not leave their box at all, but they’ll simply use their imagination and creativity based on what visitors tell them. Upon entering the box, visitors are mounted with a VR headset and immerse in an unknown, weird representation of reality. But is the reality outside any different once they leave the box?

Needless to say, great ideas don’t just realize themselves. Currently they’re up to 65% with 12 days left on the crowdfunding counter. The next event is this Sunday at The Loft in A’DAM Tower, so grab your chance to support this step into and out of (Virtual) Reality!

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