Mixtape Monday: Missing The Silence by Baldo

Mixtape Monday: Missing The Silence by Baldo

Apr 24, 2017 |  by  |  Music
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For Overdose.am Freddie takes care of the the bi-weekly Mixtape Monday podcast.

A bi-weekly Monday mixtape from an Amsterdam-based DJ to kick-start your new week. Archive here.

Baldo is versatile as a DJ, live performer and producer, but he also runs Good Ratio Music & Neovinyl Recordings, labels both respected and dedicated to bringing uncompromising, underground music from various streams of the electronic ocean, such as Tin Man, John Daly and Black Loops.

A self-confessed lover of the ‘Roland sound’, Baldo channels his focus as a selector, balancing between the electronic and organic sounds of club music and elevating crowds to a party standard that’s expected of internationally renowned contemporaries within the field; avoiding musical fads or being labelled. Drawing from all areas of house and techno, his music includes elements of ambient-acid moods and flavors of Chicago and Detroit in his sets.

One hour of pure deephouse bliss from Barcelona!

As a DJ, Baldo has performed at festivals like Sónar and DGTL, and has been a regular guest at some of the biggest clubs, honing a recognition as one of Spain’s most respected underground DJs. The mixtape he made for us is simply one hour of pure deephouse bliss from Barcelona! Catch Baldo at Red Light Radio on May 13 and keep an eye one him the coming months, we’ve been told there are lots of goodies coming up!

01. Karim Sahraoui – Gang of Love (Afroparadisiac Mix) | Compost Black
02. Dario Dersu – Sparkle | Drumpoet Community
03. Gregor Yan – Take #2 (New Jazz Fakers Reshape) | Deep Explorer
04. Baldo – E28EA (Unreleased)
05. Ability II – Pressure | Basic
06. Riohv – Stingray | Sun Shadow
07. Raam & Yourhighness – Hadrian’s Villa | Godzilla Kebab
08. Arkajo – Inuti | Aniara
09. Convextion – Saline Moon | a.r.t.less
10. Elmo Crumb – I Man A Canary Bird | The Triology Tapes
11. Pepe Bradock – Boom Boom Crash | Avatisme
12. Saverio Celestri – Jez Zie | Slow Life

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