VISLA brings everyday ideas to life at The Hoxton

VISLA brings everyday ideas to life at The Hoxton

Apr 12, 2017 |  by  |  Art, Event
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Passion never fails, right? That’s exactly what Daniel Ekelund told himself when he started from scratch and created VISLA in 2015. From being an architectural engineer in Sweden he became a graphic designer with his Amsterdam-based project. The border between both doesn’t seem that big, but trust me, these are two totally different kinds of art. After two years VISLA already has more than 500 drawings in his Instagram feed and no less than 16000 followers! He showcases his work which is inspired by random thoughts at The Hoxton until June.

Simple and efficient

VISLA creates drawings and logos for companies or simply as a hobby, which he publishes daily on his Instagram account. His feed is an all black and white organized space. It seems minimalist and efficient, reminding you of those people who always have a tidy and beautiful room with not that much furniture, whereas yours is a total mess and you don’t ever have enough stuff.


But VISLA succeeds in its work, because it strongly reflects on everyday ideas you might have when you look at something. Every thought is a source of inspiration to him. In a simple way, he knows how to describe Sundays: ‘nothing/special’. Daniel followed his passion and his idea came to life; the hobby became a job. The exhibition will showcase everything from VISLA’s early work to the recent ones, and show the evolution of a man who began his new life.

VISLA – A tale of transformation

When: April 12 until June 30
Where: The Hoxton, Herengracht 255
Entrance: Free
More info: Website


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