Pllek's mid-life anniversary becomes a festival

Pllek’s mid-life anniversary becomes a festival

Apr 7, 2017 |  by  |  Art, Event, Music
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On April 30 2012 the new restaurant and beach place with its sunny terrace opened up across the water in Noord. But Pllek wasn’t that big crowded place as you know it now. It grew up thanks to the wide audience they attracted and the different events they displayed. Pllek has now firmly established its name at the top of Amsterdam’s list of cultural hangouts.

There are also exhibitions, balloons, cake, live music, and of course, a worthy ending with big fire.

According to the issue given by the authority, which was supposed to be for 10 years, Pllek celebrates his mid-life anniversary in one month. After five years of entertainment and before the five years lying ahead, they throw a festival in between for the occasion.

A three-day anniversary

Pllek connects people in a friendly exciting atmosphere, and hosts a wide range of events now; from a welcome dinner for refugees to festivals, live music or performances, beach parties, laidback and relaxing events and activities for children. This place is one not to miss in Noord because it gathers everything, and everyone. In December 2016, Pllek had the opportunity to open its own live stage. Every first Thursday of the month a musical adventurous performance broadens your horizon.


They’re throwing a massive three-day event full of pleasure for everyone, starting April 28. You haven’t even started recovering from King’s Day, but you already have to prepare for a long weekend. Fun activities on the beach for children on Friday and a birthday party late into the night on Saturday, before a big vegetarian BBQ on Sunday. But there are also exhibitions, balloons, cake, live music, and of course, a worthy ending with big fire. And the best thing is that it’s free! Stay tuned to Pllek’s Facebook page for more upcoming information!

Pllek 5th anniversary

When: April 28-30
Where: Pllek, Neveritaweg 59
Entrance: Free
More info: Facebook event

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