Komm schon Alter, because you’re never too old to party

Komm schon Alter, because you’re never too old to party

Mar 27, 2017 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Are you 24 or over, and feel like you’re too old to party? You’re not alone, meet the others! You’ll be pampered in a place that never welcomed any festival before: the Tuinen Van West. Around twenty national and international deephouse and techno artists will be brought to the stage in June. Like its name gives away, the average age of people partying at Komm schon Alter festival is around 30, which means that you don’t have to worry about youth complexes, it’s not an issue!

Child complex parked outside

In 2012, Susanne Van Maanen, aged 33, realized that she no longer belonged to the youngsters in the club. You know that sensation when you go to the club to listen to music and have fun, while young people are drunk and disturb your party? Well, Susanne put an end to it by creating Komm schon Alter. “Just to be clear: I’ll keep going until I’m 100 years old,” justified this never-too-old-to-have-fun woman.

The atmosphere won’t be oppressive, but friendly and accessible.

The event was received with open arms by its targeted audience. Now, it’s become a festival! As the audience triggered is a new one, with the age minimum of 24 and an average of 30, the atmosphere won’t be oppressive, but friendly and accessible. So, komm schon Alter!

Versatile line-up

The full line-up has just been published, addressing to both techno and deephouse lovers. 15 artists will make you dance all day long. Artists such as Alex Niggeman, or Gui Boratto, or Solee, and local heroes such as Some Chemistry already played at their events before. This time, you’ll see Giorgia Angiuli and Monkey Safari, to name just a few!

Starting from the bottom, Komm schon Alter is now a three-stage festival: the main one, Einmusika and the intimate stage. Melodious beats, positivity and an adult audience will be there on the dance floor. Invite your Alter friends and come celebrate the old(er) age!

Komm schon Alter – Das Festival

When: June 10, 12:00-23:00
Where: Tuinen van West, Tom Scheursweg 48
Tickets: €32,- | Here
More info: Facebook event

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