Young Bloods are exploring reality at Home of Art

Young Bloods are exploring reality at Home of Art

Mar 24, 2017 |  by  |  Art, Event
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The Amsterdam-based collective Young Blood Initiative gathers 20 international artists and speakers in its Decoding Sensations Art exhibition to explore the Fantasia of Reality. Young Blood aims to promote collaboration to explore new ways to create. They host a showcase of visual arts and live performances to explore the nature of reality: how we perceive, construct, alter and create the world around us.

Creative experimentations through collaboration

Young Blood is a platform where artists can experiment with their creativity beyond the borders of inspiration and go outside of their usual practice. Also based in London, it’s a collective of 50 artists coming from 18 countries. They worked together on how we perceive and interpret the world, to understand how we gather information from sensorial stimulus around us to be interpreted according to the capacities of our brain.

Young Blood Initiative

With artists from different countries and backgrounds, A Brew of Art is a temporary exhibition where you can have a taste of creative art. It showcases video art, sculptures, paintings as well as live presentations of music, dance and performance art. Don’t miss the first weekend with two days featuring musical guided tours, improvisational pieces, dance explorations of the body and performance for children, and more. but the festival goes on for a week after so if you missed it, you’ll certainly find something interesting in the program.

We need to play, explore, and experiment to grow further and higher.

Having such a strong collective also allows for collaborations between these art explorers through contemporary perspectives or thematic experimentations. ‘Play’ is the keyword of the organization. “Preserving the playful and curious spirit like a child is crucial for our development as creatives. We need to play, explore, and experiment to grow further and higher,” said founder Candy Choi. They believe in collaboration as a way to explore more possibilities, allowing the fusion of different forms of art.

A Curious Brew of Art – Decoding Sensations

When: April 1-9
Where: Home of Art, Van Baerlestraat 39H
Entrance: Free
More info: Facebook event

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