Connect through yoga in the Tropenmuseum

Connect through yoga in the Tropenmuseum

Mar 21, 2017 |  by  |  Event, Lifestyle
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Imagine being in the main hall of one of the city’s largest museums, surrounded by silence on an early Saturday morning. Got it? Good, then you should definitely visit the Tropenmuseum this Saturday. Not just to see the newest exhibitions in this ethnographic museum, but for a yoga session.

Light and spacious

A what? That’s right, a yoga session inside the museum, led by none other than yoga gurus Afke Reijenga and Nienke Schipper-Pauw! Before opening hours, the museum opens its doors for yoga lovers with or without any experience. The session will take place inside the main hall that measures 800 square meters, also known by the name Lichthal (‘Light Hall’), which was completely renovated in 2015. 75 open arches on three floors surround the hall. The glass dome reveals many architectural details of the inside of this beautiful, monumental building.

Tropenmuseum wants to connect people, as yoga is being practiced worldwide and connects body and mind.

The main hall is the centre of the museum and the connection between the museum café, the museum shop and various exhibitions. Yoga is being practiced worldwide and connects body and mind. The Tropenmuseum wants to connect people as well and came up with the idea of a yoga session.

After one hour of downward facing dogs, different kinds of warrior poses and other lithe positions, you can enjoy a healthy smoothie bowl and cup of tea in Grand Café De Tropen. Of course you’re free to visit the exhibitions in the museum once the doors will open to the public at 10:00. The event itself is sold out, but tickets are still being offered in their Facebook event!

Yoga in the Tropenmuseum

When: March 25, 08:30-10:00
Where: Tropenmuseum, Linnaeusstraat 2
Tickets: €25,-
More info: Website & Facebook event

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