Get live and intimate with Rob Green at Podium De Flux

Get live and intimate with Rob Green at Podium De Flux

Mar 17, 2017 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Rob Green is more than just a singer and songwriter; it’s safe to say he’s a multi-disciplined artist. He grew up surrounded by all kinds of music, and you can feel it in his songs. As a good musician, he also knows how to play guitar in a fast and enjoying style. Always on the lookout for intimate live sessions to create a link with the public, he’ll be around Amsterdam next week!

An artist is more than an individual

This young pop-soul Nottingham-born artist has been growing since he spent twelve hours with actor Joe Dempsie (you might know him as Gendry in Game of Thrones, or Chris Miles in Skins) to shoot a music video. They made 43 attempts, to make one continuous shot for his Blue video!

2016 was a lucky year for him, as he was invited to participate in several festivals. It all began in 2012 when he won the Nottingham Young Creative award, and after that he was simply destined to become a singer. It’s all about contacts and collaborations, as Rob Green recognizes that an artist is nothing without his team.

But neither without his public. What he’s really about is live sessions, since he aspires to create a personal connection with his audience. He performed in living rooms during Rob Green Rooms, radio shows or live streams to create a direct link with the people listening and watching. Live shows are the best way to do it to him, and you just might witness that firsthand very soon! Rob Green is in town for almost a week from March 22, and you can see him supporting Eric Bibb’s gig in Rotterdam. They were supposed to sing in North Sea Jazz Club as well, but unfortunately the venue went bankrupt. Luckily, he found another place close to Amsterdam, at Podium De Flux in Zaandam, so see you there!

Rob Green @ Supporting Eric Bibb

When: March 24, 20:00
Where: Podium De Flux, Zuiderkerkstraat 2, 1501 NE Zaandam
More info: Facebook event

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