Prepare for an all-night movie Lockdown in the Volkshotel

Prepare for an all-night movie Lockdown in the Volkshotel

Mar 13, 2017 |  by  |  Art, Event
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A month from now the Imagine Film Festival (IFF) will be back in town, and they have already planned an event before the festival itself even starts. It’s basically a viewing leading up to the main event in April, of which the theme is Fantastic Fashion. The aptly named Lockdown event they organize along with Doka is an all-night long film lockdown, so make sure you’re prepared carefully to make it through the night!

No way out…

The IFF organizes its first event on March 22 at Doka, the Volkshotel’s basement nightclub. Imagine you’re stuck with strangers in a basement of a hotel for one night, and all you have to do is bring enough food and drinks and a sleeping bag, and watch all kind of movies all night long. This all-night movie galore will take you to infinity and beyond, you won’t be out until eight in the morning!

No rest during this night for the brave; IFF will present films that are beyond the imagination. From classic horror, fantasy and cult to science fiction and nail-biting thrillers. There’s no bar, so take all you need and get ready to get stuck together.

Lockdown event

When: March 22-23, 21:30-8:00
Where: Doka, Volskhotel, Wibaustraat 150
Entrance: €25,-
More info: Facebook event

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