A visual recap of Secret Rooms location theater at Volkshotel

Mar 13, 2017 |  by  |  Art, Event, Lifestyle
I'm a Japanese filmmaker from Tokyo. I do directing, shooting and editing by myself, as if a painter draws a picture alone. I believe that this is the best approach for me to depict personal feeling.

A few weeks ago the Volkshotel transformed into one big stage where bright, new theater makers go wild. We went to Secret Rooms and discovered theatrical music, musical theater, dance and cabaret in unexpected locations. To discover what was going on behind the doors, guests were naturally encouraged to explore the hotel. All of the shows were unique, which was making this colorful hotel even more colorful. Some performers were walking around on the ground floor even before and after their shows while entertaining guests.

The Volkshotel is very supportive of artists who are open for challenges in their expression, which we got to know by watching how weird it was to see performances in a hotel room. They’re welcoming anyone, as long as the person’s ready to enjoy their life. This is the place where we are allowed to be creative in our own way.


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