Tegan and Sara at Paradiso in twelve pictures

Tegan and Sara at Paradiso in twelve pictures

Mar 1, 2017 |  by  |  Music, Photos
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This is a contribution by photographer Marta Ribeiro. Addicted to festivals, events and live music, she’s always searching for new things, addicted to technology and eager to find new ways to communicate and explore her curiosity about the world.

Tegan and Sara, formerly known as Sara and Tegan, are a Canadian duo composed by two twin sisters. With more than twenty years of experience in the musical industry, the twins formed the duo in 1995. They started off as an alternative indie-pop-rock band, but throughout the years have been adapting their style and changing their influences, having now a more pop-mainstream sound.

To present their eighth album of originals, Love You To Death, they’ve been touring around the world in the LY2D tour. After some shows in the United States, they finally hit the road towards Europe, where they played in Paradiso recently. As an opening and support act, they invited urban-pop-alternative singer Ria Mae to follow them around. In a very colorful and joyful stage, their band presented themselves all in white – as per usual – contrasting with the twins, both dressed in black and white.

Photography by Marta Ribeiro.

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