The Student Hotel opens boutique-styled Play Room

The Student Hotel opens boutique-styled Play Room

Jan 8, 2017 |  by  |  Lifestyle, Spots
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The Student Hotel has much more to offer than just rooms for students. The international hub proves this with the opening of Europe’s most badass & rock ’n roll hotel room.

The Student Hotel offers luxurious and fully equipped rooms and the use of standard facilities like a fitness room, game room, restaurant en study rooms. The building has a raw, industrial vibe combined with Scandinavian design. A boutique hotel meets student dormitory, basically.

Private Bar in the Bad Boy Room Suite at The Student Hotel Amste

But for those who want the real VIP experience The Student Hotel has opened the Play Room; a boutique-styled hotel room that has more than enough room to literally go all out. The private, 101m2 loft has two king size beds and one queen size bed, two bathrooms, a 75″ flatscreen HD TV including a PlayStation 4, its own bar and kitchen, a vintage disco ball and a pole. That should make for a proper party. Or, as The Student Hotel states it: “This is your stage, so go for it and rock out. We pimp the entire just like you want it. Blue M&M’s in every room? Done. Because you rock!”

Our advice? Go for it and make every rider look like your ordinary grocery list.

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