Combine good food with theater at the Winterparade in the Zuiderkerk

Combine good food with theater at the Winterparade in the Zuiderkerk

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Be entertained while eating a delicious Christmas meal in the Zuiderkerk. During the Winterparade De Nieuwe Garde serves a full course dinner consisting of a nice selection of international dishes. During the entire evening you can enjoy a serie of surprising theater acts. These special acts take place on top of and around a 120-meter-long table where guests enjoy their Christmas dinner.

Moral auction

Moeremans & Sons will play a piece called The Moral Auction, which is about an auction house where one does not pay with actual money, but with ethical currency. How far would you go to ensure good health for your partner? Would you throw a dog from the bridge? Or steal actual money from your parents? And what would you offer in exchange for never have your bike stolen again? Pouring a can of pink paint on your neighbor’s car? Giving a child a pack of cigarettes? Going once, going twice…

Silent disco

Not all plays are dominated by Christmas, but sitting in the beautiful church in the Nieuwmarkt area you cannot escape from the Christmas spirit. What more can you expect during the evening? A selfie symphony, a comical insight in Dutch digital table manners, theater group Club Gewalt that sings and dances in ski suits, and many more acts while Kristie and Karen Su will play the violin throughout the evening. You can end the evening partying with a full stomach during the silent disco (oh yes, on the table!).

WinterParade – Amsterdam 2016

When: December 22-30, 18:00-23:00
Where: Zuiderkerk, Zuiderkerkhof 72
Tickets: From €37,50 | Here
More info: Website & Facebook event

Photo by Marjolijn van Dijk

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