Humans of Amsterdam in a deck of cards by Holland Casino

Humans of Amsterdam in a deck of cards by Holland Casino

Nov 29, 2016 |  by  |  Art, Event, Lifestyle
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Amsterdam truly is a diverse and colorful city, and the same can be said about its inhabitants. On the occasion of the 25th edition of the Master Classics of Poker (Silver Edition) creative agency Natwerk developed a special deck of Amsterdam playing cards.

Photographer Jochem Sanders created unique portraits of some special, typical or striking individuals that live in Amsterdam. 52 local heroes, from fashion icon to construction worker and from hipster to tattoo artist, shot on some of the most iconic spots in the city. Each card has its own theme, like the 8 featuring women with headscarves, or the men in suits who represent the kings in the deck. It’s a concept that’s very similar to Humans of New York, and it represents Amsterdam as we know it.

The exposition with all 52 portraits is on display throughout December in Holland Casino, and you can purchase the limited edition deck of cards there as well.

Master Classics of Poker Silver Edition exposition

Where: Holland Casino, Max Euweplein 62
When: December 1-31, 12:00-03:00
More info: Website & Facebook

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