Mixtape Monday: Autumnal Rhythms by Guido de Beer

Mixtape Monday: Autumnal Rhythms by Guido de Beer

Nov 21, 2016 |  by  |  Music
About the author
For Overdose.am Freddie takes care of the the bi-weekly Mixtape Monday podcast.

A bi-weekly Monday mixtape from an Amsterdam-based DJ to kick-start your new week. Archive here.

Ever-smiling and characterized by his insatiable love and knowledge of a broad array of genres. Jokingly (but perhaps accurately?) described before as ‘the Dutch John Talabot’, and ‘a slightly-less-tall-but-almost-as-music-knowledgeable Benny Rodrigues’.

Guido knows how to build tension with the right feeling at the right time.

Guido de Beer has been listening to progressive, and producing IDM and industrial techno from a young age onwards, switching to house and leftfield electronics when his DJ career was slowly building. He’s been involved with all aspects of the electronic music spectrum, with past projects as chief editor of A Track A Day and one of the main guys behind the acclaimed deep music community SEKOIA, learning his bit along the way.

Guido knows how to build tension with the right feeling at the right time, which landed him gigs on such a variety of concepts and timeslots, from a deep techno all-nighter at hard dance concept Qult, to over two-hour sets at Beyond Festival and Welcome to the Future. Add to the equation a great set of technical skills and a big dose of enthusiasm, and you know exactly why this guy is quickly taking steps up the ranks.

01. PJ Harvey – Teclo | Filmed entertainment
02. Lord of the Isles – Gualainn | ESP Institute
03. Todd Terje – Glittertind | Full Pup
04. Lexx – Turning Tides | Phantom Island
05. Gilad Kahana – Africa Sheli (Red Axes remix) | Correspondant
06. Boot and Tax – Brace Brace (Alien Alien remix) | Meant Records
07. Arzano – Manila Gold | Vinyls on Wax
08. Lord of the Isles – Laser Dream Sequence | Mad on the Moon
09. Jacob Korn – Thru The Eye | Uncanny Valley
10. Michaeli Chapman – Lescudjack (Lexx edit) | Emotional Resque
11. Reckonwrong – Hansie | Pinkman records
12. Florinsz Janvier – Violets & Yellows | Morgen.AM
13. The Glitz – Friends | Voltage Musique
14. Few Nolder & Kurak – Houly Pouly (Dave DK DJ Version) | Silence Music
15. The Cyclist – Pressing Matters (Robag’s Pinvoldex Sull NB) | Hypercolour

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