A biomimic view on Amsterdam at the Light Festival

A biomimic view on Amsterdam at the Light Festival

Nov 21, 2016 |  by  |  Art, Event
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There’s one thing you can count on when the days get darker and colder, and that is that the Amsterdam Light Festival shines some light on the city and its people for more than 50 days. With this fifth edition winter will, just like last year, be a little less dark.

The city center will be the stage for light sculptures, projections and colorful artworks. You can choose between a boat tour (Water Colors) or a walking tour (Illuminade), where interaction with the artworks plays an important role. By far the best and most relaxed way to enjoy the installations is the Water Colors tour, which begins at Central Station and touches Oosterdok, Nieuwe Herengracht and the Amstel towards Herengracht. Have a look at last year’s after movie to get an impression of the festival:

For this fifth anniversary edition the leading Dutch architect firms Benthem Crouwel Architects and UNStudio will create works of art, but the festival can welcome some top notch international contributions as well. We have some teasers for you:

Benthem Crouwel’s Lightwaves

An imitation of small luminescent organisms that cause an intriguing glow along the Dutch coastline during the summer. Thousands of LEDs capture the invisible wind and show air currents as waves.


UNStudio’s Eye_Beacon

In the deep sea organisms create their own light in the intense darkness, in order to communicate with other creatures. This installation on the Blauwbrug imitates that behaviour through luminescent patterns and changing colors.


In addition tot the main program you can meet the artists and jury members, and discuss the artworks and the themes that they address. Rogier van der Heide will pass on his position as artistic leader to Lennart Booij, the Call For Concepts of 2017 will be opened and you’ll get an exclusive preview of this year’s Illuminade walking route. Reason enough to come to the Artist Meeting on December 14!

Amsterdam Light Festival 2016

When: Water Colors – December 1 to January 22 | Illuminade – December 15 to January 8
Where: The city center
More info: Website & Facebook page

Feature image by Frank Karssing.

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