Treasure Hunt: For December gifts

Treasure Hunt: For December gifts

Nov 4, 2016 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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I'm Marlies from Schatzoekers Amsterdam - always looking for new adventures and (hidden) treasures while hopping through Amsterdam like it’s my own personal playground! I like to be surprised by experiences and things that are innovative and original.

Treasure Hunt is a collaboration between and Schatzoekers Amsterdam. We’ll tell you all about an event or hotspot you absolutely can not miss this month! More Treasure Hunt here.

November is always the month of denial for me. I’ll pretend for as long as I possibly can that it’s not getting colder and darker. I also pretend that Sinterklaas and Christmas are not yet around the corner, and I remain convinced that winter is still far away.

So the last five years this resulted in me not getting a Christmas tree (because I was too late) and running around like a headless chicken the days before Christmas, trying to find the perfect gifts. But not this year! This year I decided to embrace the darkness and coldness of November. This year I will get a Christmas tree and buy all my gifts in advance, so I can enjoy a stress-free holiday season. Sounds like a plan right? That’s why I selected two events that are definitely going to help me find the perfect Christmas gift. And I love to share them with you!

Flavourites Live

Start making your wishlist! Flavourites Live is coming to town from November 18 to 20, when the Kromhouthal in North will be transformed into shopping heaven. About 130 webshops will pop-up with their own little store during this event. You’ll find fashion, interior, kids, travel and lifestyle products there, all curated by Flavourites.


This is your chance to meet the designers behind the webshops, and of course see the products in real life. You can even be a designer yourself, at the Paper Workshop and the concept store Brainy Days. Together with designers you will create your very own products. In between all the shopping you can of course unwind with a nice latte or a glass of wine.

Flavourites was founded In 2007, by Marije and Natascha, when they came across a lot of nice webshops but missed a platform where they could all quickly be found. On their website you can find a collection of the most fun and unique online shops.

Mon petit Paris POP UP

Pay attention all you Paris lovers! From Tuesday November 22 to 27 you can find the Mon Petit Paris pop-up store in the Gerard Doustraat, where you’ll discover the most beautiful items with a touch of French flair. Not only women’s clothing but men’s fashion, jewelry, bags and accessories by 40 French designers will be sold here. The decor of the shop is of course inspired by Paris, also known as the city of love.


These are some of the designers you’ll find in the pop-up store: Be Parisian, Bobbies, Camille et Clémentine, Chic des Plantes!, Clémence Cabanes, Constance L Esquisse Paris, Heidi & Adele, Inès-Olympe Mercadal, Issi Ba, Jicqy, Jolie Frenchy, Koska Creation l’Antichambre, L’Atelier Camille, La Cerise sur le Chapeau, La géométrie, La Mouche Poulette, Le Bow Paris, Léa Cocaign, Le Poupoupidou, Les Petites Chaudières and many more.

Happy shopping, treasure hunters!

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