This will be a N8 in Bijlmer to remember

This will be a N8 in Bijlmer to remember

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To start off with a nod to Amartey, a music artist from the Bijlmer… it’s almost Museumnacht! Or museum night for all my non-dutchies. An annual event where museums and galleries open their doors to lure in young blood and bedazzle them so they will commit to a lifetime of loving the arts. There is much to see and do on different locations, but I’ll focus all my love and attention on the place which I’ve been calling home since I roam this earth: the Bijlmer.

Located in the south-east, this borough is always buzzing. A few weeks ago I cycled home from the city center to the Bijlmer, and you can just taste the difference in ambiance. Whereas the city center is bustling, but can feel distant, the Bijlmer is buzzing and feels homey – there are always people outside, talking, listening to music, hanging out. Which gives it the feeling of a village where people are perpetually looking after each other.

N8 in the Bijlmer

More locations in the Bijlmer are participating than ever before. This fits this year’s theme, which is ‘inclusivity’. There is so much talent and there are many artists walking the face of the Bijlmer which deserve to be seen. No worries about how to get there though: there’s an old schoolbus from Museumplein to all the locations and back. There’s so much to see and do,so I’ve created a small art route and selected a few expos and acts per location.

N8 at CBK Zuid-Oost

Air Zuidoost – A group expo with work from (inter-)national artists from all over the world who have lived and worked in the Bijlmer. The assignment was to create something which has a connection to the Bijlmer in some way, shape or form.

Soso-Lobi/Nothing but Love – A 45-minute documentary made by Isaura Sanwirjatmo about the love between various (female) Dutch interns who travel to Surinam and the local young Surinam men whom they find there. It starts off as a simple work holiday but evolves into a confrontation with the colonial history of the Netherlands and the shared past with Surinam.


N8 at Garage Kempering

Streets of the World – Photographer Jeroen Swolfs is working on a super ambitious project: one picture made which captures the vibe of every capital of the world. From Armenia to Afghanistan from the Maledives to Mali.

N8 at Heesterveld Creative Community

Bamboe Street ArtFloating street art, created by Brazilian graffiti artists Onio and Sosek while staying at Heesterveld. The floating bamboo and the moving panels are inspired by its residents, the environment and all the nationalities in the Bijlmer which have been living side by side for decades.

Jeugd Theater School Zuidoost – Performing arts from Carmen Lamptey and Nina Haanappel called ONS (translated US); “Female, student, teacher, Amsterdammer, twenty something, straight, theater person, right handed, left handed, artist and foreigner. A bit of both worlds. A short performance about you and me.”


Bijlmersounds in Oma Ietje – This one has a special place in my heart. Yve Baya – resident of Heesterveld Creative Community and creative centipede – has composed a musical evening filled to the brim with talent straight from the Bijlmer. Singer-songwriter Nicole Bus, Mar and hip-hop collective SoulTrash will attend to all your musical needs. In between acts DJ Joenes will play a selection of tunes to vibe to. On this same evening SoulTrash will be battling for the win in the semi-finals of the Grote Prijs van Nederland. Regardless of the outcome, this will be a night to remember!

Museumnacht 2016

When: Saturday the 5th of november from 19:00h – 02:00h
Where: Different locations in the Bijlmer
More info: Website

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