These Krooks will turn ADE upside down at Studio/K

These Krooks will turn ADE upside down at Studio/K

Oct 20, 2016 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Scoring at your debut is always a nice way to start a story, and that’s exactly what Amsterdam-based organizations KROOKS and Ondersteboven plan to do! This Friday will be their first time at ADE and for that occasion they arranged an all-star all Amsterdam line-up in underground paradise Studio/K. We gave them the opportunity to interview their headliners: Isis, Satori, Carlos Valdes, Arjuna Schiks and TITIA. A favorite track and a vision of life, accompanied by a beautiful graphic by James Beatham.


Which track are you definitely gonna play tomorrow?
“Black Corsairs – Thak’s Dub. Great Cybotron sample. Always a fine tune to test how the crowd reacts to something else than house beats.”

Would you call ADE the best week of your year?
“October has something special… I always feel best in that month. All the events, club openings and nice people that all come to Amsterdam for one thing… That’s unique.”


Which track are you definitely gonna play tomorrow?
“No idea, I like to keep it spontaneous.”

What kind of feeling do you want to give the public during your live set?
“That all the cultures in the world can live with each other if they open up and start to learn from each other.”



Which track are you definitely gonna play tomorrow?
“As a DJ I never know which records I’m definitely gonna play, but I would like to play a Kraut record. Kraut is the alter ego of Daniel Zuur, and I think that he took the right path musically. I’m interviewing him on Saturday during ADE Playground about the premiere of his new documentary Day and Night.”

What message do you want to bring over during your set?
“For me the only message that counts is love! And how i’m gonna bring that over to the crowd? Preferably warm, catchy and ravish!”

Arjuna Schiks

Which track are you definitely gonna play tomorrow?
“I’ve mixed a special version of the song Vogels, that came out earlier this year on KROOKS. For the ones that know the song already it’s recognizable by the ‘Elf language’ sung by opera singer Jorieke Markerink.”

What’s the history behind Arjuna + band?
“Arjuna + band is actually a danceable interpretation of another release of mine on KROOKS, Music For Your Ears. So I guess KROOKS inspired me to to such a live act, what makes it even more special to play on their ADE Special on Friday! “

Carlos Valdes answers will be released later, because of personal circumstances.

KROOKS ADE special

When: October 21, 21:00-06:00
Where: Studio/K, Timorplein 62
Tickets: €15,- | Here
More info: Facebook event

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