ZeeZout's 4-day ADE extravaganza at Undercurrent

ZeeZout’s 4-day ADE extravaganza at Undercurrent

Oct 19, 2016 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Some say the third time’s a charm, but we all know it’s this fourth edition of ADE’s ZeeZout that will exceed our wildest expectations, make our dreams come true and sets the stage for unthinkable memories in the making. Or, memories that’ll last as long as ZeeZout’s afterparty at club Claire on Sunday – depending on how you like to party.

With the after glow from the sun-filled summer festival edition of ZeeZout still tingling in our bellies and ringing in our ears the time is now to take a few deep breaths and some hours of rest before we may go again. And oh boy, do they have another spectacle waiting for you and me… No tickets yet? Scroll down to ZeeZout’s Sunday show, the only day for which a few tickets are still available.

Now, allow me to be your ZeeZout tour guide this ADE.

Day 1 – The kickoff (Dimensions)

Tension has been building all week. And Thursday night is where it all kicks off. So dust off your comfortable kicks and prepare to hit the Undercurrent dance floor for hours on end. Travel from London to Berlin and back to Amsterdam with Ben UFO, Hunee, Prosumer, Hashman, PLO Man, Daan Donk, and the three wise of the decks – Dimensions Soundsystem.

Day 2 – The buildup (Friday Special)

This night is packed with tunes you cannot miss out on this ADE. Think of the raw sounds of Midland back to back with the soft melodic mixes of Palms Trax. And I personally cannot wait to get in action on the awesomeness Interstellar Funk has to offer. Plus, don’t forget Mad Rey live on stage. Madness it will be for sure.

Day 3 – Halfway there (Feel my Bicep)

What’s in a name? Well BICEP, obviously! If you’re up for some happy thoughts and smiling faces this is your night. From start to end you will be entertained by Paranoid London, Call Super, Elias Mazian, Hammer and ZeeZout specials Nachtbraker, l’Atelier, Steef van Velzen and many more. Each name on the list unique, all finding common ground in disco funk and playful house sounds.

Day 4 – The Aftermath (The Pool, Afterhours)

Don’t. Ever. Stop. Dancing. We hear you. And so does ZeeZout. After a wild Saturday night you cannot just go home. So, you go and discover Claire – the new club in town on Rembrandtplein. Absolute highlight of the night, uhm… day will be without a doubt Maurice Fulton. You might recognize him from his Paris Hilton track released as MU. Some might know him from his Happy Sunday remix with DJ Nori. For others Syclops is the Maurice Fulton of their choice. If none of the above rings a bell to you, you have only a few days left to listen, and be amazed…

Enough food for tunes. Let’s get to business. See you there!

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