Hard and trippy dance music with The Funky Cat

Hard and trippy dance music with The Funky Cat

Oct 3, 2016 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Here’s a good reason to pay a visit to P60 in Amstelveen! The Funky Cat is a party that totally breaks with the standards of the scene, through playfulness and diversity in music. The people behind the concept value originality and variety and constantly try to challenge the audience with deeper and progressive sounds.

As a result, several styles can be heard that nevertheless form a whole, which creates a special atmosphere. As with their previous events, the focus of this third edition is DJ/producer Geck-o. He’ll present his musical mishmash of an album and release it on vinyl.

From experimental house to sub ground and harder; The Funky Cat knows no borders, just awesome music, daring to go off the beaten path. Expect to be surprised, challenged and twisted, but most of all to have a great time sharing this music with all the other hard dance music lovers at the party. Let’s get trippy!

The Funky Cat #3

When: October 7, 22:00-05:00
Where: P60, Stadsplein 100A Amstelveen
Entrance: €15,- | Here
More info: Facebook event

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