Oorzaken Festival is the Netherlands' first audio stories festival

Oorzaken Festival is the Netherlands’ first audio stories festival

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There is a global surge in podcasts and indie radio. Oorzaken Festival responds to that very trend and presents a three-day ode ode to audio stories and stimulates adventurous listeners with fascinating, beautiful, moving tales from around the world. The festival will bring international pioneers and makers together. Radio’s boundaries will be explored and today’s most innovative makers will be provided with a stage, with eavesdropping as the central theme.

The audio stories can be listened to collectively in the theater, but also while cruising down the canals or walking through the city. Here’s just a selection of festival’s program (in English): a masterclass by Benjamin Walker, a workshop storytelling and a Listen in the Dark with Paulien Cornelisse’s selection.

Rooftop radio and audio boat trip

However, we’d like to highlight a few highlights for you. With Rooftop Radio you can relax on the roof and eavesdrop on sounds, music and thoughts about rest and its opposites while you let your ears – and mind – drift. The piece will be produced by In The Dark in association with The Hubbub Group, a three year interdisciplinary research project focusing on rest and its opposites.


You can take an audio boat trip as well, where a bored guide will tell stories about the narrowest house, the oldest and the nicest house. But what is actually happening on this boat is that visitors are given headphones and don’t only listen to what the guide says, but also to what he thinks. If you don’t speak Dutch (yet) it’s a good way to practice.

Convincing enough? Be sure to check out the entire festival program and buy your tickets before they’re sold out!

Oorzaken Festival

When: September 30 – October 2, 10:00-22:00
Where: De Brakke Grond, Nes 45
Tickets: Here
More info: Website & Facebook event

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