Party for peace at Het Manifeest by PAX

Party for peace at Het Manifeest by PAX

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Peace… Such an elusive idea of what a society should look like. Such an elusive theme. We all seem to want it, but do we ever get it? Is it something we really need to look for externally or would the ‘problem’ of not having any peace externally be resolved when we find peace internally? I’ll just leave that here.

What is peace anyway? When will we have attained this highly sought after state of being? What does it look, sound, feel, smell, act like? Would we know if it showed up right in front of our very eyes? PAX – a peace organisation from the Netherlands works to preach peace in areas of conflict worldwide. In this case peace is an obvious thing: a stable environment. Something we – in the Netherlands – take for granted on a daily. So again, what is peace?

Peace and religion

Funny thing is, PAX links itself to six churches… That makes you think. Isn’t religion one of the biggest reasons for divison amongst humankind? One of the biggest disruptors of peace just because you define creation in a different way than I do? Which eventually comes down to exactly the same thing – but that’s another discussion.

Back to partying: Het Manifeest. An initiative from PAX in association with movers and shakers like 22tracks, “An evening and night where a bombardement of creativity, music, art and entertainment reigns supreme”, in the words of the organisation. A place where artists express their view on peace. An evening where we collectively manifest peace through ideas, humor, inspiration and most important: fun.

Art, music, dance, theater and us as a people are interesting and fun because we are all different.

The line-up is massive and interesting – DJs, theater makers, artists, writers and more. Which promises many different views on this elusive theme. One of the performers of the night is artist and graphic designer Yuri Veerman. He has the following to say about peace which struck a cord with me: “Peace is when we surrender to the multiple meanings of our environment. War arises when things can have just one meaning”.


Art, music, dance, theater and us as a people are interesting and fun because we are all different, have a different perspective on reality and approach the world different. This is what het Manifeest stands for: through all the differences we come together for a cause we all hold dear. To do something we all love even though we all love in a different way.

We’re giving away 4×2 tickets, all you have to do is follow the instructions in the post on our Facebook page!

Het Manifeest

When: September 24, 18.00-04.00
Where: Stadsschouwburg, Leidseplein 26
Tickets: € 17,50 (incl fee) via this link.
More info: Facebook event

Photography by Dennis Bouman.

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