Visual storytelling with Jeff Mills in Het Concertgebouw

Visual storytelling with Jeff Mills in Het Concertgebouw

Sep 12, 2016 |  by  |  Music, Photos
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DJ Jeff Mills and philharmonie zuidnederland took stage at Het Concertgebouw for a magical night of classical music combined with experimental tunes in a performance called The Planets. Not your typical techno night, not the conventional classical concert, but the perfect way to attract a wider audience. Incredible work of the man of the night Jeff Mills, the musicians and conductor Christophe Mangou – who proved that classical musicians possess some impressive moves too…


Not your usual setting at a concert in Het Concertgebouw. Videos, photos, Instagram, Snapchat – all is allowed at this special occasion.


Brilliant performance of conductor Christophe Mangou; dancing to the beat, sweeping up the musicians with his movements and the audience with his smile.


Intriguing, to say the least. The audience is captured and led on a journey through time and space, on the magical beats and beautiful tunes.


The artist, as we know him – fully concentrated, hypnotized almost, by the classical composition of the philharmonie zuidnederland.


Purest of beauty combined with capturing beats.


Conductor Christophe Mangou in action; swinging his hips, waving his hands, leading the pack and moving to the music.


Jeff Mills in the spotlight, capturing the moment and adding his flavor to the musical magic of classical compositions


Not your typical techno surrounding – the setting of the Concertgebouw lifts the experience of Jeff Mill’s The Planets to unthinkable heights.


Perfectly adjusted to the setting, Het Concertgebouw lights up in purple, in green, in blue and in yellow.


Big applause for the musicians of the philharmonie zuidnederland, for their incredible performance…


And a standing ovation for the two champions of the night: DJ Jeff Mills and conductor Christophe Mangou.


The audience is left in awe by this incredible piece called The Planets.


Nothing but love from the arranger of The Planets Sylvain Griotto for Jeff Mills – the man who brings a splurge of renewal and revival to the classical music scene.


The party ain’t over till it’s over – drinks are served and experiences shared at the ‘afterparty’.


Accompanied by some more tunes to conclude the Robeco SummerNights in a festive fashion!

Photography by De Fotomeisjes.

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