Sinchi Altered States celebrates a new bridge between the indigenous and modern world

Sinchi Altered States celebrates a new bridge between the indigenous and modern world

Sep 12, 2016 |  by  |  Art, Event, Lifestyle
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The city’ most eclectic city beach Pllek and Sinchi Tribe are joining forces to create a hotline between the modern world and indigenous tribes. Sinchi – Altered States is an initiative of the Sinchi Tribe, a young NGO striving to create awareness about the importance of indigenous cultures and all its cultural attributes.

Because our liberation is bound together

Their ambition is to collect funding for their cause and at the same time offer some insight into the beauty of indigenous music, art, stories and why it’s so important for us to listen and preserve such knowledge: from ancient ceremonies led by elders and shamans to modern day electronic music and festival culture: our desire to connect remains the same.

To celebrate this connection, Sinchi offers a new formula of partying in Amsterdam with both a day and a night program. The festival kicks off at noon with some laidback tunes, a program of lectures on preservational topics, workshops, art expos and a cacao ceremony. Whereas during the night, Pllek will be divided into two rooms: Yin and Yang, contrasting forces but deeply interconnected, with an art installation between the two worlds.

Artists from all over Europe will be playing and performing tribal-influenced sets until the sun starts rising. On the menu: DJ Isis, Uschi & Hans, SHMLSS, Gemini Brothers, Daniel Zuur, Esta Polyesta and many others… Prepare to get your cosmic flow on and your subconscious stirred!

Entrance is free until 22:00, but all contributions go straight to the communities they work with. And to top it off, here’s something to get you into the Sinchi groove:


When: September 24, 13:00-05:00
Where: Pllek, TT Neveritaweg 59
Tickets: Free until 22:00 | From €17,- after that | Here
More info: Website & Facebook event

Photography by Wayne Quilliam.

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