Guilty Pleasure Festival's trip down memory lane

Guilty Pleasure Festival’s trip down memory lane

Jul 25, 2016 |  by  |  Event, Music
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Remember those days when all you had to worry about was what games to play outside, some accidental homework and generally being a good kid? Well, this is your chance to go back! Amsterdam’s ’80s, ’90s and ’00s festival, aptly named Guilty Pleasure Festival, returns for to the Gaasperplas for its second edition.

This year’s line-up features K-liber, Jody Bernal, Def Rhymz, Trafassi, Lange Frans, The Darkraver and many, many more poster boys and girls from your youth. And what about SNAP!, the eurodance band that defined the ‘ 90s with hits like The Power and Rhythm is A Dancer. Or DJ Jean, who was and will, sadly, always be remembered as the Master of the Wheels of Steel. Ah, the days of yore, where Captain Jack proved that the army in fact attracted a lot of hot women.

Besides pop and hip-hop, those decades encompass the emergence of Dutch dance culture as well. But there’s more than just music; you can take a trip down memory lane with a Nintendo tournament, karaoke, blow darts, Disney videos, board games and other crazy but classic entertainment. Check out last year’s after movie below to get an impression of what to expext! So, just let go of your shame and embrace those guilty pleasures. Just like 2 Unlimited said back in 1993: No Limit!

Guilty Pleasure Festival 2016

When: August 14, 13:00-23:00
Where: Recreatiegebied Gaasperplas
Tickets: €36,- | Here
More info: Facebook event

Photo by Jordi Wallenburg.

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